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4 Years of Top Dogz!

As of today, Top Dogz officially turns 4 years old, and I could not be prouder (Ok maybe a little).
People think that having a web comic is not a big deal, anyone can do it, it's not where near the league of professional news paper and full story comic artists who do this for their bread and honey, but I put a lot of work and time and commitment into this comic, more than maybe some think, and it makes me happy to sit back after 4 years and see people still coming to this site, viewing the comics and enjoying every one of them.

Honestly if it was not for the fan base I have at the moment, this comic would have shrivelled up and disappeared long ago. So thank you for sticking with me through all that's happened: delays, hiatus, style changes ect.

So here's to you,fans, cheers!

posted by Top_dog @ October 21st, 2011, 10:30 am  -  0 Comments

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