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Somewhere in the South West of England, lies the small city of Perkston, home to Russel Trevarthen, a selfish narcissistic dog and his friends of various oddness. Sometimes they do silly things, and when they do, a comic is made of them. Enjoy.



As of the 1st of February I will be visiting San Jose for 2 whole weeks!

Any fans or fellow artists who feel like wanting to meet up and hang out for a bit are more than welcome to contact me to arrange times, meeting places and secret handshakes, via notes or email :D

posted by Top_dog @ January 24th, 2012, 11:07 am  -  0 comments

Christmas Cards!

Hello readers!

So it's Christmas time again! Feels like only last year I was doing this, but this time again you can get a special Top Dogz card sent directly to you via post :)

Just email your address to me at:!

Additionally, you can also purchase a box of my own made Christmas cards
for £10, wich includes 16 cards (4 of each design) in it's own box, enevelopes and postage to send to your family and friends :)

Just send payment on Paypal and your address to the :)

posted by Top_dog @ December 8th, 2011, 7:58 am  -  1 comments

No Comic This Week!

I've been hit with a really nasty bout of flu and have been bed ridden for the last week or so. I barely have thr strength to get out of bed, let alone focus on a drawing and making a comic without throwing up everywhere.

Stay tuned for next week!

posted by Top_dog @ October 29th, 2011, 6:46 am  -  0 comments

Top Dogz Banner contest!

Well the banner contest was a huge success with a grand total of 1 entry XD

So the winner of the Top Dogz 4 year anniversary banner contest is:

His banner will be on display for 1 month and will be placed in the Fan Art's special contest winner section for all eternity!
He will also be gettig a free commission from me to be mailed to him!

So congratulations Rnorthex, I hope next year will have a better turn out =)

posted by Top_dog @ October 23rd, 2011, 2:39 pm  -  0 comments

4 Years of Top Dogz!

As of today, Top Dogz officially turns 4 years old, and I could not be prouder (Ok maybe a little).
People think that having a web comic is not a big deal, anyone can do it, it's not where near the league of professional news paper and full story comic artists who do this for their bread and honey, but I put a lot of work and time and commitment into this comic, more than maybe some think, and it makes me happy to sit back after 4 years and see people still coming to this site, viewing the comics and enjoying every one of them.

Honestly if it was not for the fan base I have at the moment, this comic would have shrivelled up and disappeared long ago. So thank you for sticking with me through all that's happened: delays, hiatus, style changes ect.

So here's to you,fans, cheers!

posted by Top_dog @ October 21st, 2011, 10:30 am  -  0 comments


To celebrate the 4 years of Top Dogz, I decided to do a little competition.

The Top Dog'z main banner is a little out dated, I haven't changed it since it first started.

The competition is to design and make a new banner for the Top Dogz comic site at

1st place: The winning banner will replace the current one for years to come, your gallery or page will be be featured permanently on the site and the winner will also recieve a free commission-standard picture from me.

The 2 runners up will also have their banners featured in a news post with links to their gallery, and ALL banners will be placed in a special section in the fan art page of the site so that all may see them.

The Deadline is the 21st
, the Top Dogz anniversary, but I am willing to stretch for the 22nd seeing as you all only have about 6-7 days to submit them.


-Due to site restrictions the Max Banner dimensions will have to be 468x60px (width/height) & 40 KB
-It has to be Top Dogz related (obviously).
-No porn or mature content
-It can be animated, but just remember the file size has to be 40kb or less
-Traditional or Digital is fine [/center]
-Do have fun! Even if you don't win you'll still have your banner on the site and a personal 'thank you' from me :)

The Deadline is the 21st, the Top Dogz anniversary, but I am willing to stretch for the 22nd seeing as you all only have about 6-7 days to submit them.

All submissions must be sent to
, after the deadline I will judge which 3 are the best and an email will be sent out to all participants linking them to the results :)

I look forward to seeing what gets made and wish everyone the best of luck! ^ ^

posted by Top_dog @ October 13th, 2011, 7:17 pm  -  0 comments

Top Dogz BIrthday is near!

That's right! In just 10 days (October 21st) The Top Dogz comic will be celebrating it's official 4th birthday!

I can't believe this comic has been running for 4 years! Keep an eye on the New Posts here as I may be planning something special!

posted by Top_dog @ October 11th, 2011, 4:41 pm  -  0 comments

Fanart from France!

This wonderfully drawn and inked piece is from my favourite meerkat of all of France, Titash!


He's a good friend and a great artist! Be sure to go check out his stuff here: :)

Of course don't forget to check it out amongst all the other wonderful pieces done by friends and fans alike! And if you want to show me your love for the comic, all fanart can be given via email at :)

posted by Top_dog @ September 21st, 2011, 8:41 pm  -  1 comments

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